Live-in care


We believe that moving people away from their own homes where they’ve lived for many years and hold memories can have an adverse effect in their general well-being.

We acknowledge that our homes hold so many memories that we value so much and the thought of ever leaving your homes to go and leave in a residential or nursing home can be daunting. When frailty, advancing age and vulnerability start to become a part of everyday life, it can be a difficult time for families.  It is not always possible for relatives to provide loved ones with the care and attention they need. And what they seek is a carer for their mum, dad or elderly relative who will live-in.


Live-in care allows you to continue to live completely independently

within the comfort of your own home while being professionally looked

after by a full time live-in carer who fully complements and understands

your needs.  Our team of care workers are experienced individuals fully

trained to deliver tailored personal care with the utmost sensitivity and

respect, enabling clients to live their lives to the full.


Your live-in caregiver will:


  • give support and gentle companionship

  • respect a client’s dignity, privacy and choice;

  • assist with all personal care tasks;

  • encourage and help their client to do as much for                                                                                         themselves as possible for as long as they wish

  • undertake light housework, cooking and shopping                                                                             duties if that’s what the client wishes.


Other hands on duties can be:


  • Morning wake-up

  • Bathing

  • Dressing

  • Changing the bedding

  • Cleaning and cooking

  • Shopping

  • Other light domestic tasks​